Why MyTripPost?

We believe there is a way to unite people…to create greater knowledge, clearer understanding, and a meeting of the minds. Across towns, cities, states and nations, the path to bridging the gap among people is through travel.

Knowledge is gained when people understand the history of a place. Understanding is realized when people experience the culture of a destination. Knowledge and understanding are achieved most often when we travel. And when you travel, you not only gain a better understanding of others, but a greater sense of yourself. Travel builds bridges, fertilizes and broadens your mind.

Unifying the world comes through sharing a spectacular sightseeing vista, an art exhibit that touched your soul, a completely unique dining destination, or a guided tour by a local in a distant land bringing you a firsthand experience to people you never knew. Your posts may include sharing the height of achievement after a great climb, or the greatest discovery from snorkeling the depths of the seas…from sharing the feeling of the warm ocean water on an isolated tropical beach, to watching your team’s latest victory among thousands of roaring fans…from big cities, to quiet trails among nature’s glory.

Whatever the destination, time spent, or transportation mode, you can inspire and unite thousands by posting a trip on mytrippost.com.


MyTripPost is all about inspiring others to travel. We have 5 rules visitors must follow when posting a trip or commenting about a post.

1. Be Positive. We understand a lot can go wrong on a trip, and they often do. However, try to get over the big and little things that may contribute to a bad trip and share the great things about your excursion. By sharing only the positive, you’ll feel better about your trip and contribute to creating a positive, rich blog environment.2. Family Viewing. This blog is for everyone to view including families. Posts should only include beautiful, authentic, fun, breathtaking and even crazy, but also wholesome. Be respectful with all photos and comments. No nudity or hateful comments are allowed.

3. Comments & Suggestions. Send us any comments or ideas on how to make this site more beneficial to visitors.

4. Inspiration. Do you ever think about inspiring others? That’s one of the objectives of this site. We believe there are numerous and profound benefits to travel. Whether it’s for escape, relaxation, entertainment, exhilaration, education, or reconnecting with family and friends, travel boosts our spirit and soothese our soul. So post to inspire, with photography and copy.

5. Comments. Tell us how to make MyTripPost better in the comment section.

Getting Started

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MyTripPost was created and launched by a group of travel experts. The objective of the site is to create a positive, informative and inspirational source where people can learn and connect about travel. It also serves as a source for trip planning, with objective and descriptive posts about from destinations located all over the world.